Red Dresser Studio





Christina Joy Fenner was born in the "North Woods Gem" of Chippewa Falls, WI, in 1976, the second of four girls. She was a founding member of both the outdoor recreation youth club "Nature Addicts" as well as the seminal Midwest grunge band Cat Horse Eye. She first became interested in painting and drawing at a young age during treasured visits to her great grandmother's house. Her first solo exhibit was in 2001. Between 2004 and 2010, Christina's work was exhibited in Portland, OR, Madison, WI, and New York, NY. In 2012 Christina packed up her vehicle and drove 5600 miles relocating from Brooklyn, NY to Homer, AK. Since then, she has exhibited her work in Homer, Juneau, and Anchorage.


Solo and Group Exhibitions

August 2020 - When I was here, Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

2019 - Beneath the Ice, New York, NY

2018 - The Beginning and the End, International Gallery of Contemporary Art 

2018 - 10 x 10, Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

2016 - Historical Figures and Mythical Creatures, Robotics Gallery, Juneau, AK

2015 - Historical Figures and Mythical Creatures, Imperial, Juneau, A

2015 - Solo Exhibit, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, AK

2015 - Historical Figures and Mythical Creatures, Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

2014 - Fish Heads, Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK

2013 - Unmanly, Out North, Anchorage, AK 

2012 - Alaskapomorphisim, Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer, AK 

2009 - Solo Exhibit, State Street Gallery, Madison, WI 

2009 - D'Artique, The Annex, Madison, WI 

2008 - Little Things, State Street Gallery, Madison, WI 

2007 - Ma-Cha Gallery, Madison, WI 

2007 - Open Art Studio Exhibition, Madison Overture Center, WI 

2007 - The Foundry, Madison, WI 

2007 - Common Wealth Gallery, Madison, WI 

2006 - Red Bird Studio, Portland, OR 

2006 - Audio Cinema, Portland, OR 

2006 - On the Road, The Warehouse Project, San Fransisco, CA 

2005 - The Philip Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR 

2005 - Little Things Show 5, Guardino Gallery, OR 

2005 - The House, La Palabra Café-Press, Portland, OR 

2004 - Little Things Show 4, Guardino Gallery, Portland, OR 

2003 - The White Room, Seattle, WA 

2003 - Graffiti Machine, The Warehouse Project, Seattle, WA 

2003 - Caro Amico, Portland, OR 

2002 - Eddies, Ringlers Annex, Portland, OR 

2001 - A Year In Dream Land, Evert Station Lofts, Portland, OR

Professional Experience

2017 - Present - Marketing and Creative Manager,The Alaska Community Foundation, Anchorage, AK

2014 - 2016- Web and Marketing Design, Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation, Juneau, AK

2012 - 2014- Marketing Design, Land's End Resort, Homer, AK

2011 - Assistant Curator, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY 

2006 - 2009 Gallery Manager and Curator, State Street Gallery, Madison, WI

2006 - Curator, Common Wealth Gallery, Baggage, Madison, WI

2003 - Curator, Nine O' Nine, Portland, OR